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I am a reporter with a passion is photography/videography. Podcasts, audio, video, articles and photos — I’ve done it all. I’m trained as a photojournalist.

Here are some samples of photos and videos I produced for my stories. Click on  links above to see more photos and multimedia files.

Let’s jump right in with an award winner. I clicked this photo while covering wildfires south of Amarillo. The Texas Associated Press Managing Editors chose this as the state photo of the month for May 2011. It garnered consideration for the national award and editors used it in a slideshow of nationally recognized photos.

U.S. Task Force 36 attempts to slow the spread of the Palo Duro Canyon wildfire by setting backfires Wednesday, May 25, 2011 along Lawrence Road, about five miles east of South Eastern Street in rural Randall County. James Dickinson, left, and Alton Pickup, both of Nevada, set fire to grass near the road's drainage ditch. The wildfire started Tuesday evening and forced the evacuation of more than 30 families in Sunday Canyon.

Media sites all around the world picked up this photograph. A national television news program used it and two others I shot for a report on the drought in Texas. The USA Today used it as a cover photo.

I’ve covered all kinds of sports, including football, baseball, softball, soccer, volleyball, track and field and many others. Here is a photo from a recent rodeo I attended.

Kaden Bolton's bronco splashed through mud as it vainly tried to unseat him at the Boys Ranch Rodeo Saturday, Sept. 3, 2011.

For the past few years I’ve been a breaking news reporter. A breaking news reporter has to have a sense of what readers consider news. A curious test of my news judgement came Sunday, Aug. 28, 2011, when somebody placed a “chemical bomb” in a mailbox and destroyed the box. Just boys being boys? Not to the community involved. Here’s the video I produced to go with the story.

I produced a Page A1 centerpiece Sunday, Aug. 21, 2011, when a 45-inch pipe transporting water to Amarillo burst. Amarillo is in the midst of a record-setting drought, and as one city employee said, “This is our worst nightmare.”

I am the only reporter scheduled to work on Sundays. Our Sunday photographer called me in to work early when he heard the news. We went to the scene, where 2 million gallons of water had poured out on the ground. I notified our editors that the pipe that provides 35 million gallons of water to the city each day had failed. All hands then came on deck.

Shayne Childers, an employee of S.J. Louis Construction of Mansfield, photographs the rupture in a 45-inch pipeline that transports water from wells in Carson County to Amarillo. Workers stuffed three 6-inch hoses into the breach to pump leftover water out of the pipe Sunday, Aug. 21, 2011. The force of the water turned outward the steel mesh surrounding one layer of the pipe. Crews expected to work overnight Sunday and into the evening Monday to repair the pipe.

I spent the day either on the site of the break, researching the style of pipe in use, tracking down city leaders or attending a news conference. Here is a video about the rupture that I produced.

I’m responsible for writing daily briefs and working on enterprise stories. My most important job is to keep one ear trained on the scanner for breaking news. When I heard reports of a person who’d been shot lying in the street, I grabbed my camera, recorders and notepads and ran out to the scene. I found this woman who’d been shot in the chest at point-blank range. An arrest was made a few hours later.

An unidentified 26-year-old woman was shot three times in the chest in the 500 block of North Taylor Street Monday, June 28, 2011. Police took a suspect into custody a few hours later.

Amarillo is the largest city in the Texas Panhandle. Our newspaper is the primary news source for 26 counties. So, we range a little bit. When  I’m covering a story 100 miles from the newsroom, the newspaper often can’t justify sending a photographer with me and I’m left to fend for myself. One thing to remember when working on enterprise stories is that they are the anchor for the page and our editors demand strong photos. In this story about a persistent deep snow covering prairie grasses used for forage, I photographed a rancher out before dawn feeding cattle.

Kenton Kimball climbs into his tractor before the sun comes up to begin mixing feed for his 800 cattle . Kimball monitors their protein intake to ensure they put on weight, even in cold weather. His pastures and wheat fields outside Stratford were under more than 2 feet of snow after a series of storms over the past two months.

A sudden winter storm in February 2012 left twisted accidents on the highways. In this photo a tractor-trailer rear-ended another and firefighters had to extract the driver from the wreckage.

Firefighters cut the side out of a tractor-trailer cab to remove the driver after his rig rear-ended another.

A severe thunderstorm snapped electric poles like toothpicks overnight Aug. 9 and 10. I drove 150 miles to get the story and the video footage of officials with the power company discussing the repair operations.

This video ran with a feature article I wrote about the growing rabies outbreak in the Texas Panhandle. In this article, a man who was exposed to the rabies virus when a rabid kitten bit him tells me about the circumstances.

I produced this next video just for fun.

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